Covering The Auckland & Franklin Region

WIFI Access Points, CCTV/Security, Data Cabling/Networking and Telecomunications

CCTV Installations

We install and upgrade CCTV cameras to suit your home and business needs. Surveillance is made easy and accessible from your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, laptop and monitor over the internet using IP cameras and network video recorder (NVR). Recorded footage can be reviewed at any time. A smart CCTV system provides a visual tracking mechanism that can prevent crime and provide overall surveillance across your property.

We can help you monitor and control unauthorised access to your premises, aiding in reducing crime and increasing security for your homes and businesses.

Security Camera
Security Cameras Set Up

Security Alarm Systems

We provide the best smart security alarm systems with touch screen keypads for your home and business premises. The alarm can be remotely monitored and controlled from your mobile phone over the internet using a specific App which also enables you to receive instant notifications on your mobile phone. We upgrade legacy alarm systems to smart alarm systems. Smart security alarms provide 24/7 self-monitoring services, so there is no need to pay a security company for monthly monitoring fees.

This system uses internet technology, home networks and the prevalence of mobile phones to integrate your security with day-to-day operations. Easy to use, the smart security system means you can customize, monitor and manage your security systems within your home and business anywhere at any time from your mobile phones.

Data & Networking

We install data cabling (cat6e cable) for business and home local area networks for data, internet, and telephone service. We install data cabinets, patch panels, and data outlets.

Networking - Ethernet Switch

Telecommunication Services

We install telephone hubs, VDSL/ADSL splitters and telephone jack points for existing and new buildings. In case your existing broadband and phone points are not in suitable locations within your house or offices resulting in poor wifi coverage, we can relocate them to improve your internet services. Any faulty wiring and jack points, we can repair to have you back up and running with ease.

Wifi Access Point (WAP) Installation

A wifi access point creates a wireless local area network in an office, home or large building. This improves internet wifi coverage to ensure that every area of the building that is receiving a weak wifi signal from your modem / router has got excellent internet coverage. These devices can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall and can also be a stand alone device giving you choices to suit your aesthetic and requirements.

Wifi - Router